Shineheat Free Flow Heat Exchanger

Shineheat Free Flow Heat Exchanger is manufactured for Syrup Plant

In invew of high Viscocity of Syrup Liquid at Syrup plant, Spiral Heat Exchanger is always conventional solution before. However it is good  capable of passibilites,  low efficiency and bloated size aren't acceptable in some applications.
Shineheat Free Flow Heat Exchanger is a ideally solution for such case, also could apply for liquid contains fibres and solids, with low initicated investment and operation cost, furthermore the working capacity could be adjusted by adding or reduce transfer plates.

 Free Flow Plate's special feature is the constant width flow area between the individual plates as well as their coarsely corrugated profile. The space between the plates measures up to 12 mm.
Our production for Syrup Plant has 10 mm Space between Plate.

Please refer to us for more optional models in Free Flow Heat Exchanger!